The Green Man Pendant

The Green Man Pendant

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Hand carved on Preseli Bluestone from Stonehenge.

In Celtic mythology, The Green Man symbolises re-birth and the co-dependence between man and nature, as well as the coming of Spring and Summer and the purity of the thriving vegetation that they bring with them. Plants and vegetation are vital for the survival of mankind and almost every culture has a deity devoted to it.

Ancient Celts closely related The Green Man to both The Horned God - Cernunnos and The God of Virtue - Verdure. In modern Celtic culture he has a strong association with environmental issues and acts as a reminder to us that continued destruction of nature will most definitely lead to the demise of all mankind.

Weight- 28.4 grams. 

Size- 50 mm in width.

*PLEASE NOTE- Pendant comes as is for diy purposes, such as necklaces and witches ladders.