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Shungite Tumbled Stone

Shungite Tumbled Stone

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Chakra - All

Element - Fire, Wind & Storm

Shungite is a combination of amorphous graphite, crystalline silicate and other minerals and has a hardness of 3.5.

Metaphysically, Shungite is known as the stone of truth; under it's influence, one cannot act or speak falsely without becoming uncomfortable. This is because Shungite dispels negativity and brings in so much spiritual light that one immediately feels the unpleasantness of disharmony if a false statement or negative thought is introduced. It is said to clear energies of the entire body and open one to recieve spiritual light. Shungite operates vibrationally on the molecular level, freeing the atoms of one's body from their bondage to negative patterns and energies. Shungite is said to clear the body of dysfunctional patterns manifesting as disease, emotional difficulties or various types of negativity. Shungite aids in connecting to the Earth and provides an aura of psychic protection. 

Small - 2cm

Medium - 2.5cm

Large - 3cm