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Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

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Chakra: Root & Sacral

Element: Earth

Red Jasper is a Silicon Dioxide mineral, combined with Iron Oxide. It has a hexagonal crystal system and a hardness of 6.5 to 7. It's name is derived from a Greek word meaning "spotted stone". Jasper can contain up to 20% foreign materials which can account for it's wide variety of colours and patterns.

Jasper, in gereral, is known as "the supreme nurturer" and is believed to support one during times of stress, bring tranquility and wholeness, aid quick thinking, stimulate imagination, transform ideas into action and enhance endurance and stamina. Over time, Red Jasper is said to increase the amount of chi, or life force, in one's energy field. It is said to strengthen the root chakra and one's connection to the Earth  as well as support the rising of kundalini energy. Red Jasper is described as having a down-to-earth nobility that rubs off on to it's user. It works gradually, but offers the advantage that the gains accomplished are more permanent than those achieved by using other stones.

Approx 2 - 3 cm.