Mini Agate Ocho Geode Half

Mini Agate Ocho Geode Half

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Ocho agate geodes are found in Brazil, in the Tres Pinheiros region. Geodes are known as the stones of success and triumph, persuading one to fight for what they want and encourage trust in oneself and in the plans the universe has set for them. They are a powerful grounding and balancing stone. Geodes have a soothing energy and are said to harmonise yin and yang energies, aid self-acceptance and in eliminating bitterness, anger and resentment. They instill a sense of security and safety and encourage one to be free spirited and inspire living in harmony without fear and judgement.

This is the exact piece you will recieve.

Weight - 14 grams.

Approximate Size - 35 x 17 x 26 mm.