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K2 Jasper Tumbled Stone

K2 Jasper Tumbled Stone

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Chakra - Third Eye

Element - Air

K2 is found at the base of K2 mountain, the second highest mountain on earth which is situated in the Skardu area of northern Pakistan. It is most commonly known as K2 Jasper, but is also called K2 granite and raindrop azurite. Even though it's most commonly called jasper, analysis has proved it is not. When examined with a magnifying glass, cleavage faces of feldspar and flakes of biotite can be seen. The white granite is made up of fine-grained quartz, plagioplase, muscovite and biotite. Microscopic analysis reveals the azurite is a secondary mineral that formed after the minerals in the granite had solidified.

Metaphysically, K2 combines the grounding energies of granite and celestial energies of azurite and is said to deepen one's connection with the universe and their inner soul, encourage clarity of thought, aid decision making, enhance dreams, instill kindness, aid past life recall and promote harmony in group situations.

25 - 40 grams each.