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Green Calcite Heart Dish
Green Calcite Heart Dish

Green Calcite Heart Dish

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Chakra: Heart

Element: Water & Fire

Zodiac: Cancer & Virgo

Calcite is a calcium carbonate mineral. It has a rhombohedral crystal system and has a hardness of 3. It is found in Mexico and it's colour ranges from pale to emerald green.

Metaphysically, green Calcite is said to refresh the etheric body and cool hot emotions, such as anger and irritability. It nurtures positive traits, such as altruism and compassion. Green Calcite is believed to clear the heart chakra of stress and to direct focus of the mind to the urgings of one's heart, assisting taking action based on what the heart knows. It can assist in becoming more in-tune with nature and the spirits of animals and plants.

When placed under your pillow, green Calcite is said to make dreams more pleasant. It enhances meditations, helping to still an overactive mind and allows one to experience wordless awareness.

360 grams.

150 x 175 mm.