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Caribbean Blue Calcite Heart
Caribbean Blue Calcite Heart
Caribbean Blue Calcite Heart

Caribbean Blue Calcite Heart

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Chakra - Crown & Third Eye

Element - Water & Air

Zodiac - Aquarius, Libra & Gemini

A rare combination stone that contains blue Calcite and white and brown Aragonite. It was only discovered in 2019, in Pakistan & isn't expected to be found anywhere else in the world. In fact, due the high demand of this new find, due to the minerals it contains & their colour, it's expected to be mined out to extinction. 

Because of this, Caribbean Blue Calcite is being considered an investment. You'll probably notice a lot of it popping up for sale in the near future but it will become unavailable before too long, once the mine has been cleared of all traces. Some traders will even sit on all or some of their supply until some time after this so they can then sell for a much higher price.

With it being such a recent discovery, it's metaphysical properties are still being discovered. However, those who have worked with it, including myself, have found it to resonate with the crown and third eye chakras. When used during meditation it gives a sense of calmness that over takes the physical body & activate one's mind, taking it to a place where an abundance of knowledge can be recieved. Keeping it next to you while sleeping can aid lucid dreaming and astral travel, as well as enhance one's perspective of their dreams.

125 g.

Width - 74 mm.