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Black Agate Dice
Black Agate Dice

Black Agate Dice

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Agate is known as the "lucky" stone and like other black stones, black Agate is a stone used for protection and grounding. It is said it promotes balance and tranquility and aids in calming stressful situations and environments. It is also believed to help one through hard times, strengthen one's emotional state, enhance mental function and focus.

History has discovered that dice have been used for divination and predictions for thousands of years, long before tarot cards, runes, and astrology. This method of divination and prediction is a form of cleromancy and is still practiced to this day by Romany Gypsies.

The easiet way to practice this method is very much like the common coin toss. To recieve a yes or no answer you simply have to toss one die, the number on top gives you your answer- uneven numbers are classed as a heads for yes and even numbers are a tails for no. Easy!

Each die weighs between 19 - 25 grams.

Approximately 2 cm squared.

*randomly chosen

*priced per piece