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Banded Calcite Sphere
Banded Calcite Sphere

Banded Calcite Sphere

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Banded calcite is also called rainbow calcite. Calcite, in general is said to be a powerful stone for amplifying and cleansing energy and by placing it in any room it's believed to cleanse all negative energies within the environment as well as heighten energies within the body. Calcite is said to be a very active crystal and believed to have the ability to speed up growth and development, facilitate psychic abilities, aid those who have lost hope and/or motivation, combat laziness, calm the mind, stimulate insight and boost memory.

Calcite can be found in many different colours, such as, black, clear, gold-yellow, green, pink, red and blue, with each colour having it's own unique properties.

For example-

Gold/yellow is said to ground, enhance meditation, instill a deep relaxation and mental alertness, as well as stimulate one's will.

Orange calcite is highly energizing and cleansing, especially for the lower chakras. It is believed to balance emotions, alleviate fears and encourage one to maximize their full potential.

Red calcite is said to increase energy, uplift the emotions, open the heart chakra, remove stagnant energies and blockages that could be preventing one stepping forward in life, alleviate fears and increase one's zest for life.

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290 grams.

55 mm.