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Tall purple amethyst crystal point standing amongst greenery on white backround.
Tall amethyst generator.
Tall amethyst generator.
Tall amethyst generator.
Hand holding up a tall amethyst generator.

Amethyst Generator

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Location: Brazil.

Chakra- Crown & Third Eye.

Zodiac- Aquarius, Picses, Capricorn & Virgo.

Amethyst is a member of the quartz group and can be found in many different shades of violet, from pale lavender to deep purple.

Metaphysically, Amethyst is said to be a powerful protective stone that can attract positive energies, increase nobility, spiritual awareness and positive transformation, as well as enhance intuition and meditations. Amethyst is also believed to calm the mind and encourage tranquility and stability.


367 grams.

170 x 45 mm.